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IMPACT Training
IMPACT Labs & workshops


  • Be inspired by the best global sustainability practices.

  • Create a 200-400% higher IMPACT return.

  • Outgrow your competitors.

  • Improve your brand value and productivity.

  • Develop your business case.

  • Find more clarity around your purpose.

  • Develop impact metrics that matter.

Contact us to discuss how we can support you through training, workshops, or IMPACT labs.

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Purpose driven brands grow 3 times faster.

Deloitte study, 2019

Research shows that purpose driven companies grow three times faster than their peers, experience increased productivity, brand value, and resilience.

Our world desperately needs business leaders to improve their impact on climate change, biodiversity, the marine plastic crisis, poverty, rising inequality, and other key global issues. It is also becoming increasingly important as a competitive force. However, many companies adopt impact strategies that could be more effective. This tends to:

  • Result in low-impact success rates.

  • Not the best customer loyalty, referral rates, consequential turnover growth, productivity, and brand value.

  • In some cases, it backfires with negative exposure.

By joining our IMPACT Masterclass, IMPACT labs or workshops based on award-winning research, you will create a Roadmap for the best outcomes.

With limited time and resources, you may as well invest in impact initiatives that achieve the best outcomes.


Most sustainability frameworks are very detailed. Whilst this serves a purpose, it often makes it hard to see the big picture and the most effective solutions. Our tools, insights and best practice examples make it easy to develop innovative and powerful initiatives to:

  • Create a 200-400% better impact return.

  • Boost long-term business growth authentically.

  • Increase productivity, resilience and brand value.

If you're not a sustainable company in the next decade, you will be out.

Or at least behind and losing ground in almost every industry.

Bracken Darrell, CEO Logitech

An excellent Masterclass that was way more insightful than what you get elsewhere.


It was fascinating to hear the insights from other participants from all over the world.

Jamie Davidson,
Director Johnston Carmichael,

I came home bouncing after the sessions. The UN SDGs used to feel overwhelming. Now they feel comfortable and I can't wait to tackle them.
Merlijn Mazairac,
Founder The Rookie Minds,
The Netherlands
Melanie's IMPACT Wheel is a great tool we will be using for all projects in the future. I also loved the case studies from around the world to trigger further ideas of what we can do here.
Daniela Jimenez Chavez,
Head of Sustainability Menorca Inversiones,

The exercises forced us to make our vision more concrete and to turn this step by step into an effective plan.

Jules Prick,
Co-Founder Koos Service Design,
The Netherlands

What I like the most is the IMPACT Wheel. Because with the IMPACT Wheel it all comes together. 

It is a really good structured way to see what you can do in your business.

Gert Eilander,
CEO Multiweld & Impact Chair Entrepreneurship Organisation
The Masterclass was delivered exceptionally. The clear vision and plan we are now taking forward, I couldn't have done it without the course.
I highly recommend anyone to join.
Rebecca Thomson,
Group Sustainability Manager Kepak Group,
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