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Lead in sustainability
Outgrow the competition
And transform our world

11-12 SEP 2025


Visit world leaders across the SDG landscape.

Discover why they have exceptional results.

Explore how you can create powerful impact.
Create a significant competitive edge.

Enjoy a great stay in one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

Way more insightful than what you get elsewhere.

Jamie Davidson,
Director Johnston Carmichael,

I came home bouncing after the sessions. The UN SDGs used to feel overwhelming. Now they feel comfortable and I can't wait to tackle them.
Merlijn Mazairac,
Founder The Rookie Minds,
The Netherlands
Melanie's IMPACT Wheel is a great tool we will be using for all projects in the future. I loved the case studies from around the world to trigger further ideas of what we can do here.
Daniela Jimenez Chavez,
Head of Sustainability Menorca Inversiones,


Will your team talk about the impact of your business full of pride in 12 years time?

People at some companies do. Like Becky Gordon at Interface, global market leader in modular flooring. Becky talks with huge pride about their impact, and particularly an initiative from 12 years ago. You may be surprised at how much more impact you can create as part of your company on the biggest issues we face in our world.

Feeling proud and excited about your purpose matters. Studies highlight that this impacts not only our mental and physical wellbeing (even life expectancy). Companies that are better at 'purpose' grow 3 times faster than their peers, are more productive, and experience +175% valuation. In a nutshell, having a strong purpose can provide a significant edge to outgrow the competition longer term.

But, having ESG policies, sustainability practices, or even BCorp certification does not necessarily lead to improved growth, productivity, or brand value. It depends very much on how effectively you make a difference and how progressive your impact strategy is.

Why do few companies tackle our global issues far better and gain a stronger competitive edge, compared to most others with a ‘purpose’, ‘ESG’, or ‘sustainability’?

We are super excited to offer you the opportunity to join us for two amazing days in Amsterdam 11 & 12 September 2025.


You will get the chance to visit global best practices from across the sustainability landscape and be inspired as to how you can impact the biggest issues we face as humanity as part of your business.


The immersive experience will show how you can go 'beyond zero', tackle the plastics crisis, air pollution, poverty, rising inequality, and child labour with exceptional success rates and boost commercial success at the same time - applicable from SMEs to large multinationals across industries. You will discover the key reasons why these best practices achieve superior results, and how you can apply this in your business.


Benefit from thought-leading tools and insights to create the best outcomes.

With a small group of like minded leaders you will get to explore your purpose, and develop a roadmap guided by our tools and insights to:

  • Create a 200-400% higher impact return.

  • Boost long-term business growth authentically.

  • Increase productivity, resilience and brand value.

Our thought-leading framework is based on 20 years of experience, and research awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence, nominated by the Social Innovation Centre at Cambridge University. 


The trip and workshop sessions are provided by Melanie van de Velde, Founder of Big Tree Global. Melanie has run an impact business for young women without an education in a Nairobi slum. She managed Asia Pacific markets at a multi-billion dollar tech company. And she’s worked in senior management at IT start-ups. Aside from a PhD, Melanie holds an MBA with Distinction and an MSc in Industrial Engineering.


Dr van de Velde is author of LEAD LIKE A GENIUS: How to outgrow the competition & transform our world.

The exercises forced us to make our vision more concrete and to turn this step by step into an effective plan.

Jules Prick,
Co-Founder Koos Service Design,
The Netherlands

What I like the most is the IMPACT Wheel. Because with the IMPACT Wheel it all comes together. 

It is a really good structured way to see what you can do in your business.

Gert Eilander,
CEO Multiweld & Impact Chair Entrepreneurship Organisation
Bee Lin Chow,
Head of Asia Energy Analytics at ICIS RELX,

Stay in one of our planet's most sustainable cities.

Amsterdam ranks at the top end of global sustainability monitors. The capital of The Netherlands owes its ranking to its use of bicycles, high recycling rates, many green spaces and ethical, eco-friendly restaurants. It is home to the headquarters of global leading IMPACT companies.

During our stay you will be immersed in great quality food, service and experiences, that are sustainable every step of the way. 

Finally, a tool to help identify effective impact initiatives. Making a positive impact and deliver profits may seem paradoxical, but it is possible.  Melanie has solved this with her simple, easy-to-adopt methodology to help businesses create powerful social and environmental impact strategies.

Mark Fallows, Founder Fabrica Collective & The Impossible Network,
The sessions were delivered exceptionally. The clear vision and plan we are now taking forward, I couldn't have done it without it.
I highly recommend anyone to join.
Rebecca Thomson,
Group Sustainability Manager Kepak Group,

If you're looking to shape your thoughts around making impact and turn this into a practical, effective plan, this is the place.

Nils Eenkhout,

Director Octatube Architecture,
The Netherlands

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