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12 Ways to ace sustainability and truly transform our world


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“A captivating, page-turning book. I learned more from reading this book than I did from completing an entire sustainability business strategy course at Harvard Business School. That course at Harvard was awesome. This book is better. Everybody should read this.”

Matt Deasy, B Corp Leader, Business Sustainability Consultant, Portugal

Whether you're part of a mainstream business, a B Corp, or a social enterprise, how effective is your impact strategy?


How well is it aligned with your business? Is it financially sustainable? Does is it address a root cause, or paper over the cracks?

LOVE YOUR LEGACY: Five secrets of leading businesses that build a better world.

Why do businesses like Patagonia, SoleRebels, Ctalents, Goodwill Solutions and Brigade have far better outcomes in tackling  climate change, pollution, poverty, inequality and social exclusion, compared to others?


How do you explain that some companies achieve a 300-400 percent higher impact rate compared to their peers despite similar aims and a similar context? LOVE YOUR LEGACY provides the answers as to how business leaders can best tackle our key global issues. A must read for anyone who wants to future-proof their business and be truly sustainable.


The insights are based on 7 years of research, which won the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence, nominated by the Social Innovation Centre at Cambridge University. After working in senior roles in tech start-ups and multinationals Dr van de Velde switched her career to running an enterprise in the slums in Nairobi to empower young women without an education. The experience sparked a fire in her to uncover as to how business can achieve the best outcomes when balancing impact with profits.


LOVE YOUR LEGACY takes the reader on an inspirational journey past powerful examples from around the globe, grabbing the reader with its warm, engaging style. It is filled with practical insights for the reader to start taking action to make our world a better place. And importantly, it explains how to avoid typical pitfalls and choose your next steps wisely to make them count the most. For better and longer-lasting results, globally and locally. To help you build a legacy you can be proud of.

“There is a growing consensus that business as usual is not an option. This book provides the answers and insights as to how things can and must change.”

Peter Holbrook CBE, CEO Social Enterprise UK


“Amazing insights, this is the need of the hour.”

Inir Pinhiero, Founder Grassroutes, India


“What makes an ‘impact first’ entrepreneur successful? What are his or her value drivers?

Melanie van de Velde in her book LOVE YOUR LEGACY has inspired me with her evidence based work how to balance people, planet and profit. I love the fourth key insight not to forget the GOOD profit drivers!”

Robert van der Laan, PwC Corporate Responsibility Leader EMEA, The Netherlands


“Dr van de Velde’s doctoral thesis is outstanding and a worthy winner of the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence.”

Dr Helen Haugh, Research Director at the Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge University, UK


“Transformative research work in the social innovation field validating common sense and good capitalist practices as key drivers to foster a more vibrant, equal and justice world. Van de Velde’s 5 key insights for successful impact strategies offer a concrete roadmap to break away from extrapolating the present and choosing wisely for a preferred future.

A must read for all social and business entrepreneurs! “

Eduardo Balarezo, Adjunct Professor, Founder Lonesome George & Co, Ecuador & US


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We apply many of the insights from LOVE YOUR LEGACY in our Masterclass and bespoke workshops to guide companies on their journey to building a better future, for people, planet as well as profits.

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