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Melanie van de Velde, PhD, MBA, MSc

"I had the pleasure of listening to Melanie opening the 1st international ESG city conference, held in Brazil.
Without a doubt, this was the highlight of the event. Exceptional experience and a didactic that kept everyone engaged.
Marcus Maida,
Lawyer & Business  Consultant,

What I like the most is the IMPACT Wheel. Because with the IMPACT Wheel it all comes together. 

It is a really good structured way to see what you can do in your business.

Gert Eilander, CEO Multiweld & Impact Chair Entrepreneurship Organisation
Bee Lin Chow,
Head of Asia Energy Analytics ICIS RELX,
Amazing insights, this is the need of the hour.
Inir Pinhiero, Founder Grassroutes,
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Inspire your audience with best practice examples from around the globe. Discover why these achieve exceptional outcomes. Challenge your participants with our thought-leading tools to create action for strong impact results and competitive advantages.

Dr Van de Velde was awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence. Nominated for the prize by the Research Director at the Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge University, her thesis was the source of many insights in her book LEAD LIKE A GENIUS: How to outgrow the competition & transform our world. The book was commended as "A Powerhouse for Sustainable Growth" by FORBES Books.


Her other academic achievements include an MBA with Distinction from the University of Glasgow in the UK, and an MSc in Industrial Engineering at the University of Twente in The Netherlands. With a diverse CV, Dr Van de Velde has managed Asia Pacific markets at a multi-billion-dollar tech company. She’s worked in senior management at IT start-ups. And she’s run a fashion business to empower young women without an education in a Nairobi slum.


With Big Tree Global, she helps organisations with tools, insights and The SDG Games to genuinely transform our world and create a competitive edge.

Finally, a tool to help identify effective impact initiatives. The imperative to make a positive impact and deliver profits may seem paradoxical, but it is possible.  Melanie has solved this with her simple, easy-to-adopt methodology to help businesses create powerful social and environmental impact strategies.

Mark Fallows,
Founder Fabrica Collective & The Impossible Network,


A Powerhouse in Sustainable Growth. So much so that I had to have Mel on my Forbes Books podcast to share her secrets.

David Radlo, Forbes Books
United States

Book Launch
Book Launch
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Book Launch

Beyond BCorp: How to create a 200-400% higher return
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Beyond BCorp: How to create a 200-400% higher return

Episode IV: Genuine circularity.
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Episode IV: Genuine circularity.

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