At the heart of Big Tree Global lies a strong belief that we can evolve to a better world and that business has an important role to play in getting there.

Our aim is to inspire and support clients to develop effective solutions that make a genuine difference and fit with your unique business.

Melanie van de Velde, Founder of Big Tree Global, has a deep understanding of how to develop strategic solutions that maximise impact as well as profits. She has over twenty years experience in business, ranging from management consultancy, senior management roles in small start-ups to running Asia Pacific markets for a multi billion global IT company.


Melanie experienced the challenges of balancing profits and purpose first hand when she ran a social enterprise for young women in the slums in Africa. This sparked a fire in her to figure out how business can best contribute to key global issues like poverty, inequality, global warming and pollution.


She embarked on a 7 year research study to explore what makes more and less successful impact strategies, literally to the end degree. Her findings reveal 5 key factors that set the best impact strategies apart from the many that struggle. Her research was awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence. Nominated for the prize by Cambridge University, her thesis underpins many of the insights in her book 'Legacy: Five secrets of leading businesses that build a better world'.

Aside from a PhD, Melanie holds an MBA with distinction graduating first in class at the University of Glasgow, and an MSc in Industrial Engineering in The Netherlands. 

Where beneficial we work with partners such as B Corp and SUSC to deliver our services the best way possible.

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