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The solutions already exist


Not long ago, it seemed impossible for women to get the right to vote or to abandon apartheid and slavery.

Our current challenges, such as climate change, the mountains of plastic entering our oceans each year, poverty and the scarily rising inequality, may seem impossible to overcome. But we can if we want to. At the heart of Big Tree Global lies a strong belief that we can evolve to a  flourishing world and that business has a vital role in getting there. 

The essential question is how can we best invest time, money and energy for the best outcomes? What are the right solutions that tackle the root cause of the issues? How can you integrate these as part of your business model? And how to balance this with a strong commercial platform?

Pioneers from across our planet have already developed innovative, effective solutions for each of our global issues. But to change the statistics we need these to become more mainstream.
We aim to inspire and support clients to develop powerful solutions as part of their business model that make a genuine, lasting difference and that are well balanced with strong commercial outcomes.

About us ...


Melanie van de Velde PhD, MBA, MSc, Author, Founder Big Tree Global

Many of the insights that we apply in our workshops and Masterclass are based on our founder's research, awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence, nominated by Cambridge University.

Prior to her research Melanie managed Asia Pacific markets at a multi-billion dollar tech company. She worked in senior management at IT start-ups. And she ran an impact business in a Nairobi slum. 

With Big Tree Global she supports business leaders and MBA students from around the world with key insights and tools as to how to create powerful impact on our key global issues.

Dr van de Velde is author of:

LEAD LIKE A GENIUS: How to outgrow the competition and transform our world (to be published January 2024).


Daniela Jimenez Chavez, BSc, Program Manager Big Tree Global

Daniela has 8 years experience in sustainability applied in different sectors around the globe including non-for-profit and conservation organizations in Peru and the United States, the public sector in New Zealand, and both small and large businesses in the private sector.

She has designed and coordinated sustainability strategies for the corporate sector, as well as sustainability reporting, project and certification management, linking her work with communication strategy, behaviour change and innovation.


Daniela holds a Bachelor in Science in Biology. She is currently living in Barcelona studying a Masters in Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmental Justice, next to her part-time role at Big Tree Global.

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