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Amsterdam Spring 2024

Visit leading examples & develop your roadmap for the best outcomes. 

Creating impact effectively is key if we want to tackle the enormous global issues we are facing. And impact is increasingly important to be competitive. Those that get impact right are more competitive long term by gaining customer loyalty and referrals, as an attractive employer, anticipating stranded assets and resource scarcity, and increased brand value, to name a few.

But not all impact strategies lead to the best outcomes. And some sadly end up doing more harm than good.


Join our two day trip to be inspired by visiting leading examples, mixed with short workshop sessions to develop a roadmap for the best outcomes.


"Sustainability is not a destination. Sustainability is a trajectory.

And you can never say 'I made it', because you can always improve."

Eduardo Balarezo, Founder Lonesome George & Co, Ecuador & US

During the trip you will:

  • Gain inspiration by visiting leading examples that tackle key global issues such as climate change, poverty and social exclusion very successfully.

  • Discover why some have better outcomes than others. Better outcomes commercially as well as better impact.

  • Develop your roadmap for the best next steps on your impact journey using our thought-leading framework.

  • Reflect on your inner purpose and unique ability to make a difference to our world as a business leader.

  • Have an amazing time with a small group of like minded business leaders from different parts of the world.

Melanie van de Velde, PhD, MBA, MSc, Author, Founder Big Tree Global, The Netherlands/ UK

The trip and workshop sessions are provided by Dr van de Velde. Her aim is to inspire business leaders in creating the best sustainability outcomes. Her thought-leading framework is based on her research, awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence, nominated by the Social Innovation Research Director at Cambridge University.

Prior to her research Melanie managed Asia Pacific markets at a multi-billion dollar tech company. She worked in senior management at IT start-ups. And she ran an impact business in a Nairobi slum. 


With Big Tree Global she provides business leaders and MBA students from around the world with key insights and tools to create powerful impact on our key global issues.


  • CEOS, Senior management, (impact) entrepreneurs, public sector executives or sustainability leaders who are ambitious about building more powerful impact practices into their strategy. 

  • Management consultants or marketeers who aim to support their clients with highly effective impact strategies.

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