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Sustainability Business Strategy

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Delivered by

Melanie van de Velde, Award-winning PhD, MBA, MSc, Author of LOVE YOUR LEGACY, Founder Big Tree Global,
The Netherlands, UK

Guest contributors

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Start-up & scale-up advisor, Investor, Professor, former COO Skyscanner,


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CEO Ctaste, Ctalents, Sign Language Coffeebars,
The Netherlands


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Will Richardson,
CEO Green Element, Compare Your Footprint,



CEO Circulab,

Build your sustainability strategy for high impact & business growth

This Masterclass is for business leaders who want to build powerful sustainability practices into their strategy and utilise them for growth.

Purpose driven companies grow on average three times faster. Customers increasingly want to buy from 'sustainable business' with a positive impact on our planet and societies. Employees, especially the younger and more talented, want to belong to a workplace with a purpose beyond profits. This is the new reality.


But not all impact initiatives are effective. So how can your business avoid typical pitfalls and best make a difference to key global issues such as climate change, pollution, poverty and social exclusion, aligned with your business?

"If you're looking to shape your thoughts around making impact and turn this into a practical, effective plan this is the place."
Nils Eenkhout, Director Octatube Architecture (B Corp), The Netherlands
  • Regardless of how advanced a company is on their sustainability journey many impact initiatives do not turn out to be effective. And sadly, in some cases end up doing more harm than good.

  • Sustainability frameworks tend to be complex or detailed making it hard for business leaders to discover the most effective sustainability practices they can build into their strategy.

  • In our Masterclass you will be guided by a thought-leading framework that allows you to develop a powerful impact roadmap. 

  • By targeting certain United Nations SDGs you can create a 200 to 400 percent higher impact return. Our Masterclass clarifies how business can best tackle key global issues effectively and create synergies.

  • Throughout the course you will be inspired by case studies and exercises that tease out practices that lead to the best outcomes in terms of impact as well as commercial benefits.


By joining our Masterclass you will:

  • Refine your vision as to how your unique business can make a positive impact on the UN SDGs (our key global issues).

  • Learn the key factors behind successful sustainability strategies.

  • Be inspired by exemplary case studies from around the world.

  • Create your impact roadmap for the best outcomes using our Wheel of Sustainability © and Sustainability Success Model ©.

  • Develop your business case, effective impact metrics and comms plan.

  • Access bonus content with expert advice on social inclusion, circular design, carbon management and balancing impact with strong commercial models.

  • Build powerful sustainability practices into your strategy for high impact and growth.

  • Obtain a Sustainability Business Strategy Masterclass certificate of completion.


Melanie van de Velde

The course is delivered by Melanie van de Velde, award-winning PhD, MBA, MSc, Founder of Big Tree Global & B Journeys, and author of LOVE YOUR LEGACY: Five secrets of leading businesses that build a better world, The Netherlands/ UK


Following a successful international career in the tech sector Melanie ran an impact business empowering women in the Kibera slum in Nairobi. The experience sparked a fire in her to uncover how business can address global issues most effectively. Her research was awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence, nominated by Cambridge University. 

Based on her research Melanie developed the Sustainability Business Strategy Masterclass to make it easy for business leaders to build powerful sustainability practices into their strategy.


In addition to the live online class sessions you will have access to bonus content where thought leaders share expert advice in video cast interviews on specialised topics including climate change and carbon management, social inclusion, circular design and balancing impact with strong commercial models.

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Mark Logan

Former COO Skyscanner, Start-up & scale-up advisor, Investor, Professor, UK

Mark was previously COO of Skyscanner, one of Europe's most successful technology companies. Mark is credited with Skyscanner's growth from start-up to a £1bn global brand, making it a rare Scottish start-up to achieve unicorn status. Mark is now a start-up and scale-up advisor, investor, Professor of Computing and heads up the Scottish Government post-Covid tech led economic recovery.

Sandra Balllij.jpeg

Sandra Ballij

CEO Ctaste, Ctalents and Sign Language Coffeebars, The Netherlands

Following a successful career as an investment banker, Sandra founded Ctaste in Amsterdam, where people can dine in the dark, served by people who are blind. Realising that many waiters were overqualified for the job, Sandra founded Ctalents, a coaching and recruitment company and the chain Sign Language Coffeebars. Sandra was shortlisted for Amsterdammer of the Year 2021, and the top 100 female leaders in Social Enterprises in Europe by the Euclid Network (EN) in 2021.

William Richardson.jpeg

Will Richardson

CEO Green Element and Compare Your Footprint, UK

Will is a pioneer and early adopter of many now-mandatory environmental standards, his visionary approach and inspiring leadership is exemplary. He stablished Green Element in 2004, a successful environmental management consultancy, with a desire to help as many businesses as possible go ‘green’. In 2018, Will created Compare Your Footprint in response to demand from companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint but were not ready to engage with experts.


Brieuc Saffré

CEO Circulab, France

Brieuc is Founder and CEO of Circulab, a design agency that supports companies in redesigning products and services for a circular and regenerative economy. Circulab has a wealth of experience working with clients of different sizes including well-known names such as L'Oreal and Ikea.

What is different about this course?

  • Not all sustainability initiatives lead to desired results. In this course you will be inspired by successful examples from around the world, key insights that underpin better outcomes, exercises and questions that guide you towards taking the best next steps on your sustainability journey. 

  • Our SUSTAINABILITY SUCCESS FRAMEWORK © and IMPACT WHEEL © turn the complexity of sustainability into simple steps to enable you to build an effective impact strategy fitting with your unique context.

  • We won't dive into an all-encompassing certification tool where you can easily lose sight of the big picture and 'out of the box' solutions. Participants say they love the course particularly for the framework that teases out innovative and powerful sustainability practices. 

  • You won’t leave thinking ‘and now what?’ - We promise you will leave the course with an effective impact roadmap, business case, learning metrics and communication plan for the best outcomes. The best outcomes in terms of impact as well as driving business growth authentically.

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Watch this video to hear what recent graduates say about the Masterclass

Who is it for?

  • Business leaders, (impact) entrepreneurs, public sector executives or sustainability leaders who are keen to to build more powerful sustainability practices into their overall strategy. Participants both at the start of their impact journey as well as those that are leaders in their sector say they highly value the course for helping them shape their thoughts into a clearer and more effective impact vision and roadmap for better outcomes.

  • Management consultants who would like to incorporate the SUSTAINABILITY SUCCESS FRAMEWORK © as part of their toolkit to support their clients with highly effective impact strategies. Throughout the course they work with a client or case study.

Start making more impact today!


Register now to start a powerful impact journey. Be inspired by exemplars from around the world, and be guided by a cutting edge framework to develop an impact roadmap for the best results. We promise you will come away inspired, and with a pragmatic plan to create the impact you can be truly proud of. I hope to see you there!




10 Hour course divided in 5 modules starting 11 OCT 2022.

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Our graduates highly value our course so hopefully you will too. But if you feel after the first module the Masterclass is not right for you we will happily repay you in full. All you would need to do is email within 24 hours following the first session.


11 Oct 22
25 Oct 22
08 Nov 22
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Timing of each session:

2 - 4pm GMT/ 3 - 5pm CET/ 9am - 11am EST

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  • Refine your impact vision in relation to the UN SDGs.

  • Learn the key success factors that drive the best impact outcomes aligned with commercial aims.

  • Be inspired by exemplary case studies.

  • Develop effective impact initiatives fitting with your business using our IMPACT WHEEL ©.

  • Develop initiatives into an effective roadmap and business case using our full SUSTAINABILITY SUCCESS FRAMEWORK © to optimise impact & commercial outcomes.

  • Define effective learning & communication metrics and develop a communications plan to boost business growth authentically.

  • Access bonus content with expert advice on commercial drivers, social inclusion, climate change & circular design.

  • Share and refine your thoughts & plans during exercises and peer coaching sessions with likeminded course participants.


Deposit:                     £ 230/ € 270/ $ 280

Plus 4 payments:       £ 230/ € 270/ $ 280

Deposit payment is due at registration to secure your place, remaining payments are due in four subsequent monthly payments.

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