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Have you worked out your best next moves to future proof your business when it comes to making an impact?

Purpose driven companies grow on average three times faster. Customers increasingly want to buy from 'sustainable business' with a positive impact on our planet and societies. Employees, especially the younger and more talented, want to belong to a workplace with a purpose beyond profits. This is the new reality.


But not all impact initiatives are effective. So how can your business avoid typical pitfalls and best make a difference to key global issues such as climate change, pollution, poverty and social exclusion, balanced with commercial benefits?

Jumping ahead to a first impact initiative that springs to mind does not always turn out to be the best solution. Or, by diving into an 'all-encompassing impact framework' it can be easy to loose sight of the big picture as to how your business can most effectively create impact.

We believe that by taking a bit of time to discover how your business can make a real impact really pays off towards achieving better outcomes. We provide a thought leading framework, guiding you step by step to develop a sustainability roadmap that is highly effective. 

Sign up for our next cohort starting 14 January 2022. By joining our powerful course sessions on alternate Fridays and completing our workbook modules you will come away with a pragmatic plan to make your next steps count the most.

By joining our Masterclass you will:

  • Learn why impact & sustainability is so important to each business, and how to avoid typical pitfalls.

  • Gain a better understanding as to how business relates to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Learn from powerful exemplars from around the globe that achieve the best outcomes for people, planet as well as profits.

  • Importantly, learn the key insights as to why some impact strategies are more successful compared to others.

  • Discover how your business can apply these insights to make genuine impact successfully, aligned with your commercial goals.

  • Refine your vision of where you want to be on the impact and sustainability trajectory.

  • Learn how to integrate impact throughout your business.

  • Prioritise your best next steps effectively and develop your high impact roadmap and business case for sustainability.

  • Access bonus content with expert advice on specialised subjects (social inclusion, circular design, green best practices, balancing impact with strong commercial models).

  • Over the course of the 10 weeks you will be guided by a cutting edge framework to develop a roadmap for the next best steps on your journey to create genuine impact most effectively.

  • Obtain a Sustainability Business Strategy Masterclass certificate.

The live online class sessions are delivered by Melanie van de Velde PhD, Founder of Big Tree Global and B Journeys, Author of LOVE YOUR LEGACY: Five secrets of leading businesses that build a better world.

After working for ten years in technology companies Melanie switched her career to running a business that empowers young women in the slums in Africa. The experience sparked a fire in her to learn how business can best contribute to key global issues.

She embarked on a 7 year research study to explore what makes or breaks successful impact strategies. Her findings reveal 5 key factors that set the best impact strategies apart from others. Her research was awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence, nominated by Cambridge University.

Our Masterclass and workbook modules make it easy to apply the key insights that underpin best practices to create impact most effectively. In addition to the live online class sessions you will have access to bonus content material where thought leaders share expert advice on specialised areas such as circular design, social inclusion, and balancing impact with strong commercial models.

What is different about this course?

  • Not all sustainability initiatives are effective. And sadly, some do more harm than good. During this course you will be guided to choose your next steps wisely to make them count the most. 

  • The use of powerful course material and examples make the content easy to digest.

  • Our short, effective class sessions and workbook modules are easy to fit around busy schedules.

  • We won't dive into an all-encompassing certification tool where you can easily loose sight of the big picture. This course enables you to focus on making a strong impact to key global (and local) issues fitting with your purpose first and foremost. Once your overall roadmap is clear you may identify a framework(s) that may be helpful to support your implementation.

  • You won’t leave thinking ‘and now what?’ - You will be guided to leave the course with a highly effective impact roadmap to take the next best steps on your sustainability journey.

Who is it for?

Business leaders, entrepreneurs, CSR professionals, impact/ social entrepreneurs, and individuals championing sustainability within their businessThe course is particularly aimed at those people who want their business to create a big impact on our world, balanced with a strong commercial platform.

Sustainability consultants interested in learning about highly effective sustainability strategies can also benefit from the course. Throughout the course they will work with a case study or client to apply the concepts and develop their roadmap.

10 Week course

Starting Friday 14 January 2022


In a live virtual class setting, every other Friday:

13:00-14:30 GMT   /  14:00 - 15:30 CET

14 Jan 22

28 Jan 22

11 Feb 22

25 Feb 22

11 Mar 22

Workbook modules

Between class sessions each participant completes a workbook module to develop their impact roadmap step by step.


Peer group sessions enable participants to share ideas and encourage each other through each step in developing your sustainability roadmap.

Price per person

£ 1180 excl. VAT

€ 1280 

$ 1390


  • 5 Live class sessions in a virtual class setting.

  • Workbook modules to develop a highly effective impact roadmap for your business step by step.

  • Individual support throughout the course.

  • Bonus content with expert advice (social inclusion, circular & green economy, balancing impact with strong commercial models).

Start making impact today!


Register now to begin 2022 with a powerful impact journey. Be inspired by exemplars from around the world, and be guided by a cutting edge framework to develop an impact roadmap with easy quick wins and structural high impact solutions. 


We promise you will come away inspired, and with a pragmatic plan to build a legacy you can be truly proud of!

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