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Download a free copy of our IMPACT WHEEL to identify initiatives that tackle the UN SDGs (our key global issues) as part of your business, for structural and long lasting outcomes. 

"What I like the most is the IMPACT WHEEL. Because with the IMPACT WHEEL it all comes together. It is a really good structured way to see what you can do in your business."

Gert Eilander, CEO Multiweld & Impact Chair Entrepreneurship Organisation Europe

A tool to tease out effective impact initiatives

Business leaders feel increasing pressure to contribute to our key global issues such as climate change, pollution, poverty, social exclusion and the rising inequality. As Deloitte reports ‘purpose driven businesses’ now grow three times faster than their peers.​ But it is often not easy to see what impact initiatives are more effective than others.


Our IMPACT WHEEL can be used as a tool to tease out impact initiatives in each business context that tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals (our key global issues) for effective outcomes.

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