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Apply our thought-leading tools to tackle our global issues effectively, create a 200-400% higher impact return and improve your business growth, productivity, and brand value.

99% of CEOs realise that sustainability is essential to their future success. However, some tackle our global issues far more effectively than others and create better business benefits . With limited money, time and energy, it pays off to consider how you can create the best outcomes.

Board sessions

Contact us to explore how we can assist you in board discussions or workshops to clarify the business case for sustainability and develop a powerful impact strategy.

Training & workshops

Find out about our training, workshops and IMPACT Labs to be guided step by step in developing a highly effective IMPACT roadmap and business case.


Find out about media engagements or speaking opportunities to bring thought-leading insights to your event.

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Lead in sustainability to create a major competitive advantage.

Research shows that purpose-driven companies grow three times faster than their peers due to superior customer loyalty and referral rates. Not to mention other benefits such as increased productivity, increased brand value, reduced risks, and increased resilience.


However, many organisations miss out on impact opportunities that are most effective. This tends to:

  • Result in low-impact success rates.

  • Not lead to the best customer loyalty, referral rates, consequential turnover growth, productivity, and brand value.

  • In some cases, backfire with negative exposure such as 'greenwashing claims'.

Purpose driven brands grow 3 times faster.

Deloitte study, 2019

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Purpose driven brands have experienced a valuation of + 175%.

Kantar report, 2020

Discover innovative, effective initiatives.

Most sustainability frameworks are very detailed. Whilst this serves a purpose, it often makes it hard to see the big picture and the most innovative and effective solutions. Our tools and insights make it easier to develop powerful initiatives that:

  • Create a 200-400% higher impact return.

  • Boost business growth authentically.

  • Increase productivity and brand value.

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"I had the pleasure of listening to Melanie opening the 1st international ESG city conference, held in Brazil.
Without a doubt, this was the highlight of the event. Exceptional experience and technique and a didactic that kept everyone engaged."
Marcus Maida, Business Consultant,

"If you're looking to shape your thoughts around making impact and turn this into a practical, effective plan, this is the place."

Nils Eenkhout, Director Octatube Architecture,
The Netherlands

Big and small organisations we help to improve their IMPACT

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  • Extreme weather events have tripled since 1960 due to climate change.

  • Without drastic changes there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans (by weight) by 2050.

  • 90 Percent of people in cities globally breathe unsafe air, the major cause of lung cancer.

  • Over half of our world lives in poverty, affecting children the most. 5 Million children don't make it to their 5th birthday each year (this is double the total global annual Covid deaths during the first two years of the pandemic).

  • Inequality has been rising scarily in almost all countries around the world, causing major issues across societies.

There are several parts to play in fixing our key global issues, but we simply won't get there without the business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in our world.


As H.E. Antionio Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN says: “Collaboration with business is crucial when it comes to fighting climate change and eradicate all extreme poverty by 2030, and we’re not on track.”

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