What will your LEGACY be?

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balancing profits with a positive impact on our world isn't always easy

In fact, business leaders across the world agree how challenging this tends to be.

99% of CEOs believe that sustainability is important to the future success of their business.

But 87% feel that they lack the understanding how to create positive impact on our key global issues.

We can help companies to create impact strategies that lead to the best outcomes.
The best outcomes for the future of our planet and people, as well as profits. 


Not all impact initiatives lead to good outcomes, 
never mind the best possible results

For a business to grow you need two things. One, you need customers to come back. And two, if your customers convince others to use your business, your growth curve gets a nice exponential shape. A third option is to keep winning new customers but this tends to be less efficient.

Research shows that creating genuine positive impact increasingly leads to customer loyalty and referrals. Our expertise will ensure that your impact strategy is effective and integrated with your unique business model, as opposed to a ‘separate thing’. This tends to lead to far better outcomes, both in terms of impact, as well as the benefits for your business. Such as happy, healthy, and engaged teams, and customers that want to come back and talk with enthusiasm about your company to others.

Impact on what?


We can help you to develop an impact strategy that is tailored to your business and tackles key global and local issues effectively. Our approach is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, also called the SDGs. These SDGs are our world’s key priorities for the challenges we are facing as defined by the UN.


90 percent of global citizens believe that companies should help fix these issues. But research shows that the majority of business leaders lack the tools and knowledge how.


We can help companies to better understand how to contribute effectively to these key priorities in our world and develop a pragmatic roadmap towards making a genuine difference, big or small. We can also support you in gaining BCorp status. Companies around the world increasingly pursue this certification, confirming that their business is a ' force for good'.

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Thought leading expertise


We can help with insights into the key success factors that sets companies with the most successful impact strategies around the globe apart from those that albeit the best intentions achieve a lot less, with the same amount of time, energy and investment.

We aim to transfer our award winning expertise to our clients, to be well equipped for the journey to create the best possible legacy.

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“If you leave a pot of capital behind in a world where there’s no fresh water and the oceans are collapsing and there is no air to breathe and we have social unrest because of the income disparity, it’s not really the legacy that your grandchildren are going to be able to use. 


So helping in the creation of a better world is a far better legacy than leaving behind a big pot of money.”


Margaret McGovern, CEO PYMWYMIC, 

European Impact Investment Fund