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Create powerful impact strategies
for the best outcomes.

Our mission is to inspire business leaders to create impact strategies that lead to the best outcomes. The best commercial outcomes. And those that truly transform our world for the better.

Be guided by our thought leading framework based on award-winning research as to how to avoid typical pitfalls and create advanced and powerful impact strategies.

"I had the pleasure of listening to Melanie opening the 1st international ESG conference for cities, held in Brazil.
Without a doubt, this was the highlight of the event. Exceptional experience and technique and a didactic that kept everyone engaged."
Marcus Maida, Lawyer and Business Consultant, Brazil

Dr van de Velde’s five step framework to develop a highly effective impact roadmap is based on her research awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence, nominated by Cambridge University.  


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Did you know that

  • Extreme weather events have tripled since 1960 due to climate change.

  • Without drastic changes there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans (by weight) by 2050.

  • 90 Percent of people in cities globally breathe unsafe air, the major cause of lung cancer.

  • Over half of our world lives in poverty, affecting children the most, with 5 million children not making it to their 5th birthday each year (this is almost triple total number of deaths globally due to Covid-19 during the first year of the pandemic).

  • Inequality has been rising scarily in almost all countries around the world, leading to major issues in our societies.

There are several parts to play in fixing our key global issues, but we simply won't get there without the business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in our world.


As H.E. Antionio Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN says: “Collaboration with business is crucial when it comes to fighting climate change and eradicate all extreme poverty by 2030, and we’re not on track.”

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