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You want to contribute to a better future. But how can you create powerful impact on the SDGs, our key global challenges as defined by the UN?

How do you avoid typical pitfalls? And how do you balance impact with commercial reality? Or better, how can you turn this into a competitive edge?

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Read LEAD LIKE A GENIUS for powerful insights how to create impact for the best return.

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A Powerhouse for Sustainable Growth.

Feeling ready to take action?

Explore the Sustainability Masters, talks, workshops or IMPACT Trip.

Sustainability Masters

Create powerful impact

Create team(s) to join the Sustainability Masters and make lunch breaks world-changing. Use our thought-leading insights to create powerful, lasting impact on our global issues and a competitive edge.

Talks & Workshops

Thought-leading insights

Find out about our bespoke workshops, speaking or media engagements to challenge your audience with global best practices, award-winning insights and tools that underpin impact success.

Deep Dive

Amsterdam Impact Trip

Join our 2-day Immersive Impact Trip to Amsterdam on 11 & 12 SEP 2025.


Visit world leaders in sustainability. Learn thought-leading insights how they achieve exceptional outcomes, and explore how you can apply these.

Purpose driven brands grow 3 times faster than their peers.

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"I had the pleasure of listening to Melanie opening the 1st international ESG city conference, held in Brazil.
Without a doubt, this was the highlight of the event. Exceptional experience and technique and a didactic that kept everyone engaged."
Marcus Maida, Business Consultant,

"If you're looking to shape your thoughts around making impact and turn this into a practical, effective plan, this is the place."

Nils Eenkhout, Director Octatube Architecture,
The Netherlands

Our clients, partners, and supporters

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