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Melanie van de Velde, PhD, MBA, MSc
Keynote speaker, media, workshops

Get inspirational, unique, thought-leading insights at your event as to how to tackle our key global issues for the best outcomes.

Not long ago it seemed impossible for women to get the right to vote, or to abandon apartheid. It may now seem impossible to beat climate change, the mountains of plastic entering our oceans each year, poverty, the rising inequality and our other global issues. But we can if we want to, if we invest our limited time and energy into the right solutions.

Do you know what sets sustainability initiatives with the best outcomes apart from others? In her talks Dr van de Velde reveals the key factors behind the most successful examples from around the world.


Her insights are based on her award-winning research (nominated by Cambridge University), 20 years of experience, and best global practices. By using her thought-leading framework business leaders can avoid typical pitfalls and tease out innovative, effective impact initiatives for a 200-400% higher return, business growth, increased brand value, productivity & resilience.