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Five secrets of leading businesses that build a better world

"I learned more from this book than an entire sustainability business strategy course at Harvard Business School. 


That course at Harvard was awesome. This book is better. 

Everybody should read this."


Matt Deasy, B Corp Leader & Sustainability Consultant 

Whether you're part of a mainstream business, a B Corp, or a social enterprise, how effective is your impact strategy? How well is it aligned with your business? Is it financially sustainable? Does is it address a root cause, or merely paper over the cracks?

In 'Legacy: Five secrets of leading businesses that build a better world', our Founder Melanie van de Velde reveals key insights into the reasons why exemplary companies like Patagonia, Ctaste & Ctalents, Goodwill Solutions, Brigade, Grassroutes, HISBE, and Tony's Chocolonely achieve far better results with their impact initiatives than others.

In 'Legacy' Melanie draws on her research findings comparing more and less successful practices from around the globe, and a wealth of insights of prominent experts including Professor Yunus, Founder of the Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace prize Laureate. Her research was awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence, nominated by the Social Innovation Centre at Cambridge University. She provides a practical guide for business leaders to create more profitable and robust impact strategies. For better and longer-lasting results, globally and locally. To help you build a legacy you can be proud of.

'Legacy' is available on Amazon, but for a better quality and more sustainable option (at the same price) you are much better of to buy the book here at (a certified B Corp). It is also available in many local and online bookshops.

"There is a growing consensus that business as usual is not an option.

This book provides the answers and insights as to how things can and must change."


Peter Holbrook CBE, CEO Social Enterprise UK


We apply many of the insights from 'Legacy' in our Masterclasses and Consultancy support to guide companies on their journey to building a better future, for people, planet as well as profits.

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